MADRES is Hiring!

We are looking for a: Data analysis manager, Statistician II, and Statistician I to join our MADRES, ECHO and Environmental Health team. Data management and analysis skills in R or SAS required.  Apply here:

MADRES at International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Conference in Athens!
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ISEE Schedule of presentations:

Monday, September 19th:
10:45 am-12:15 pmPresenterLocation
Multimodal environmental influences on children and adolescent’s brain, cognitive, and mental health outcomesTracy BastainSkalkotas Hall
Advances in Epidemiology and Statistical Methods | Exposure assessmentKarl O’Sharkey
Poster Discussion Area
3:15 pm-4:15 pm  
Air pollution and neurobehavioural outcomesKarl O’SharkeySkalkotas Hall
Tuesday September 20th:
4:15-5:45 pmPresenterLocation
Child healthJason NiuMC3 Hall
Chemical Exposures | Occupational Exposures and Health | Water QualityAlicia Peterson, Ixel Hernandez-Castro, Jesse Goodrich
Poster Discussion Area
Wednesday, September 21st:
12-1:30 pmPresenterLocation
Reproductive outcomes and exposure to air pollutionJason NiuMC3.4 Hall

MADRES 1000 Boat Party!
Thank you everyone who attended our 1000th recruitment celebration!
We loved hearing your MADRES memories and tasting salsa!

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